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Hi everyone, welcome  to The Brand Room by Abi. The Brand Room by Abi is a place created basically for you and I to share our personal experiences about any product or service  that we have used first hand and will like to recommend to others or otherwise.
Its simply a place where we can review anything under the sun. The Brand Room by Abi was born out of curiosity. I love to read reviews about  products or services I would be spending my money on. This has not been easy when it comes to Nigerian Brands, so I decided to create this platform to cater to other curious people like me who love value for every penny they spend.
Please feel free to contribute by dropping a comment about any product of your choice. Note that on this platform, reviews are not limited to Nigerian Products only, we can review any product/brand from any country in the world as long as you are the direct consumer of that product.

One last thing, I'm a wife, mum of two adorable kids, I work 8 to 5 and I enjoy writing.

Love Abi.


  1. Nice! I will definitely add your site to my blog roll and check here for reviews. Also check out reviewnaija.com...based on the challenges you've highlighted, I think you'd like it.

  2. Thx,i recently discovered reviewnaija and im a fan already.


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