Brand Rules

Whether its Personal branding or Corporate branding, there are rules in the brand world. The Brand Room is going to be sharing some of this rules with you, i hope you can learn a thing or two from this.

A. Consistency is key in branding, what ever you want your brand to be identified as,you need to be consistent at it, this applies to Entrepreneurs who have great ideas and create a business from their ideas, its important that you are able to sell this business to a client over and over again. Being consistent at what you do,sets you apart from others. In the Corporate world, Coca-cola has been consistent with their brand, which makes other Cola drinks all over the world want to compete with them.

B. Be Original- In the brand world, there is no room for duplicates, you have to be original, and originality comes from within. Clients/ Consumers want the best of what you have to offer,they want a product/brand that can be trusted and will stand the test of time, So make sure you give them 100% you and nothing less.

C. Be Extraordinary- In a world where everyone is running the same race, what sets you apart is you ability to stand out.As a brand, dare to be different, be bold and put that extraordinary effect into what you do. Despite the fact that there are so many makeup brands all over the world, Tara Fela Durotoye of House of Tara pushed the envelop to become extraordinary in the Nigerian Makeup industry, started out as just a make up artiste and now, she has turned her passion into a brand which produces her own line of Makeup. She was not satisfied being just a makeup artiste, she wanted more and she went for it.

In branding,the ability to carve a niche for yourself sets you apart from others. The Guccis ,LVs and the Apples of this world, have been consistent, original and extraordinary and that is why they are where they are today.

Please share your experiences on how you have managed to create a brand that people can identify with.


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