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What has Ethnicity got to do with business survival in Nigeria?

Nigeria is a beautiful country in West Africa, The country is special for so many reasons; our culture, our language (very diverse by the way), our people and most importantly our great business acumen. Every Nigerian is business minded, we all have big and small dreams of succeeding in life and that's where our business drive comes from.

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Hello People,

This is exactly how the consumer's mind

The retailers just have a way of playing with our minds, don't they? Sigh!!!!

Have a great day guys!

Be Inspired, Be Motivated to reach beyond your abilities.-The Seyi Vodi Message!

If you try something and you don't succeed, don't be hard on yourself, just dust yourself up and try again.

Its International Women's Day- Every woman should "Be Bold For Change"

Today is a day for every strong woman in the world. To every woman who live through the struggle of being a woman in a "man's" world, we celebrate your strength, tenacity and passion to make a difference in the world today.

The message for this year's International Women's day is for us all to "Be Bold For Change". Lets all rise up as one, with one voice and make that difference in the world.

Lets also remember that March is the month of Endometriosis Awareness. This is a condition that affects our sisters, mothers, daughters and friends, lets help create awareness around this terrible condition that leave our girls and women in excruciating pain

If you live in the US and want to be part of the Endometriosis match coming up on the 25th of March, please visit for more information.

Together, we can make a difference.

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REVIEW:When Milani Popping jams LA Girl Pro Concealer, then you know your face is on fleek.

It's 8am on a Sunday morning, and I've just been disappointed by a makeup artist my sister had booked for me a week ago, for a family function. As usual I wasn't so bothered, because I love me when I do my make up, simple and subtle all by myself. But this particular day was a special day in our home, so everyone wanted to slay, so I joined the slay gang.