Brand News:Are Nigerians ditching cereal like they are in the Us and Uk? Kellogg's suffer it seventh successive drop in quarterly sales.

According to,  British households are increasingly ditching their morning bowl of cereal in favour of healthier alternatives such as smoothies and fresh fruit, apparently we are also in the fitfam phase in Nigeria, where a large percentage of the working class are eating more of veggies and smoothies to keep a healthy life style.

In the Uk and Us, the declining popularity of cereal was blammed for another slump in the sales at Kellog's. Making the American cereal giant suffer its seventh successive drop in quarterly sales in three months to the end of october.

According to experts- cereal which was once a fixture of most families morning routine- have fallen out of favour in many households, and being increasingly shunned by younger people in favour of healthier alternatives.

Health campaigners have also raised concerns about the amount of sugar in cereals- including those marketed for children.

Despite all these, Kellogg's is said to have managed to generate 2.7Billion Pounds of sales in the third quarter, which is down to 2.3 percent on the same period last year.